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Brittany Snow, Tyler Stanaland and their wedding day were marred by rain. Although the couple had not anticipated the arrival of the cold Pacific mist when they were planning their wedding at Cielo Farms, Malibu in March, it was a perfect storm.

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Snow tells The Knot that they had a first glance at the venue before the wedding. “It was raining, and it was a little cold. So we met under a clear umbrella for our first look.” Stanaland had lipstick on her lips when the Pitch Perfect actress touched Stanaland’s shoulders. The newlyweds laughed, describing the day as “imperfectly perfect”.

The Wedding Destination was ‘Home’

Stanaland and Snow chose Cielo Farms as their dream outdoor venue. It is close to their home in L.A., which Snow says is why most of their family and friends live there. “Malibu was near home, and Cielo Farms offers a beautiful backdrop. It was the perfect location for us. It was intimate, cozy, beautiful, scenic, and romantic.

One last-minute indulgence made a big difference

The weather was unpredictable and the forecast for that morning called for rain so the couple had to make a last-minute purchase to pay for their wedding. We bought a tent to protect ourselves, and it rained right up until the ceremony began. The bride recalls that if they hadn’t brought a tent (which is expensive), everyone would have been stuck in the rain. The couple also bought mood lighting to enhance the shelter.

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She says, “We wanted people forget that they were under a tent.” It was breathtaking and we are very happy we chose that route. It was a happy accident. This was only one positive from a difficult start to the wedding weekend. She recalls that there were many things that could have gone against them leading up to the wedding. “But it proved to us both that we selected the right partner.”

Billie, the Flower Girl, Sparkled Amongst the Blooms

Their wedding ceremony was dominated by Billie Jean, the couple’s beloved dog. The couple says that Billie Jean walked down the aisle instead of a traditional flower girl. Brittany’s bouquet was matched by her flower collar.

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They worked closely with their designers to find an aesthetic that would blend well with the natural landscape. Snow says that they wanted everything to be timeless and classic so they used all white flowers with lots of dark greenery. We used our favourite flowers: sweet peas mixed with Italian ruckus, magnolias and roses. The bouquet and flowers should feel fresh and light to counter the rustic touches and darker woods.

There were many tears

There are many family moments that can be included in a wedding day. Stanaland, fifth-generation real estate broker, walked the aisle with his mother in a Tommy Hilfiger tuxedo that he had custom made. He paired it with Converse leather High Top sneakers. The watch that the groom wore was his Something Old wristwatch. He says, “It’s an antique Rolex my great grandmother originally bought for me dad.”

Her father accompanied the bride down the aisle, an act that had a lasting and sentimental impact on the stars. She says that her favorite moment was when Tyler gave me away to Tyler and my dad walked me down the aisle. My dad is my best friend, and he’s 82. Because he was so proud of me and happy, he started to weep as he gave my away. Then, we all began to cry. He may have even taken a moment to bow as he handed me over. That was a moment that I will never forget.”

The couple personalized their vows

The couple wrote their own wedding vows to add a sentimental touch to tradition. They each highlighted the moment that we realized we had fallen in love. Snow says that they kept the messages heartfelt, but added a few humoristic jokes.”

Stanaland says that it was his favorite moment at a wedding. It felt like we were the only ones there. After the ceremony, we took some time to enjoy the moment. We laughed, cried and hugged each other. We were greeted with a margarita, cocktail hour appetizers, and a glass of wine.

It all comes down to the details

The groom’s family is Hawaiian, so the couple wore traditional Hawaiian leis to their rehearsal dinner. Stanaland’s family was also honored by their exit. She says, “We rented an elegant white 1980s Land Cruiser to be our getaway vehicle.” “We share an affinity for things from decades ago. It seemed like the right choice, given our mutual love of the beach.

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Shhhh… The Cake Cutting was a Secret

Stanaland and Snow decided to make a game of it by sneaking away to a more traditional moment: the cutting of the cake. They say that they didn’t make the announcement because they didn’t want anyone to stop dance, so they did it secretly.