5 Money-Saving Wedding Ideas

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By RichardLederman

Many women don’t like extravagant and over-the-top decorations at their weddings. A woman deserves a wedding that suits her tastes. They may not be able to afford an extravagant wedding. There are money-saving tips.

Fake Flowers vs. Fake Flowers

First, it is possible to grow your own flowers in order save money. Flowers can be expensive. According to The Bridal Association of America, the average cost of flowers is $698. This money-saving tip should help you reduce the cost of this accessory. Fake flowers are also an option. Fake flowers can look just as real, but they are half the price. This money-saving tip is a great one to consider when you are thinking of flowers.

Get Deals

You should also look for deals. If you are willing to buy a secondhand dress, there may be deals on wedding dresses. Online stores can be a great way to save money for your wedding. Side note: Don’t purchase dresses from wedding stores like David’s Bridal. You can find high-quality, elegant dresses at half the price or even a third of what you would pay at your local Macy’s or JCPenny’s (or more, if you’re really lucky).

DIY Invitations

Making your own invitations can help you save money. Even though this may not be the best option, it can save you a lot of money when you plan a whole wedding. This money-saving tip will help reduce costs. Do not forget to send your wedding invitations. Although you may have spent a lot to make them look good, this doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. Simple, elegant invitations work just as well. You are merely announcing your wedding day. Do not try to be fancy.

No Weekend Wedding

You can save money and reduce costs by getting married on a non-conventional date, such as the middle or end of the week. Weekend weddings are more expensive than weekend ones.

Reduce the guest list

Last tip to save money on your wedding is to limit the number of guests you invite to the event to those that are important to you. Although a well-attended event might be a good thing, each guest will need to pay for a dinner or hors d’oeuvres. This adds up.

These money-saving tips are far from the only ones. You can do more. Be creative. A nice wedding does not have to cost a lot.