Las Vegas Wedding

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By RichardLederman

It is quicker to get married in Las Vegas than other cities, requires less paperwork and has no blood tests. There are also fewer requirements. These tips will help you save time, make your budget more manageable, and find the perfect place to marry.

A license application must be paid in cash, with exact change of $55 before it can be filed for marriage.

  • Marriage Bureau
  • 201 Clark Avenue
  • Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1603
  • (702)-671-0600

Calls from outside the United States will be answered by 00 1 country code and 702 area code.

TIP 1: Save time and ensure that all application requirements are met by filling out forms ahead of time. The link to forms in popular languages is at the bottom of the article.

TIP 2: Have your ID ready (Vegas will accept almost any item) and all the information you need.

o Name

o Address

o The date and the country of birth

o Social Security Number (except out of Country).

o Marriage Status

o Times Married

o Date and State (or Country) of Final Divorce/Annulment/Widowed if married before

o Mother and Father Names and the State (or Country of) where they were born

TIP 3: Lines generally open at 9:30-10 AM so arrive early (or just after) 8 AM when the office opens.

TIP 4: Choose a weekday, when the lines may be 1/3 as long as a busy weekend.

TIP 5: The souvenir copy is the color version. You should ensure that the minister or wedding official has the black-and-white license.

TIP 6: Bring a witness and $50 exact change if you are on a tight budget for a Justice of the Peace-style marriage. The ceremony can take several minutes longer if you wait for the next couple.

Commissioner for Civil Marriages

309 S. 3rd St. 1st Floor

Las Vegas, Nevada 89155-1603

TIP 7: If you are on a tight budget, some commercial chapels may be cheaper than the Commissioner of Civil Marriages. However, do not search for them. Even if you try to hide, they will find you.

TIP 8: Although many chapels are excellent, there are only 13 Better Business Bureau (BBB), member chapels. Here is a list of chapels that have wedding planners or printers.

TIP 9: Expensive weddings include tax and most amenities. They often include dinner and shows. Budget weddings can be ordered ala carte, and will require tipping/fees at these prices.

  • Minister $60
  • Photography Prices: $40+
  • Videography from $60 to $100
  • Limousines starting at $60, driver tip $40
  • Elvis impersonator $150-$250 to perform 2-3 songs
  • o Tuxedo and Gown Rentals $40-$200+