A Look Back at Marilyn Monroe’s Three Wedding Looks

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By RichardLederman

Marilyn Monroe’s name has become synonymous with “sex symbol” and the Hollywood actress is still revered today as one of the most beloved icons in the industry. Monroe, also known as Norma Jean Baker to her family and friends growing up, has transformed her look over the years and has been a major influence on Hollywood’s most memorable moments. Monroe’s most iconic looks include The Seven Year Itch’s white halter dress, which swoops in the wind, and the hot pink, figure hugging dress and matching gloves that she wears to Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

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Marilyn Monroe’s First Wedding Dress

  • Date of wedding: June 19, 1942
  • James Dougherty, your marriage partner
  • Style: A floor-length A line dress with long sleeves and a ruffled collar.

Monroe wore her first white wedding gown in 1942 to marry James Dougherty. Monroe was only 16 years old when she married James Dougherty. James was barely 21 at the time. The pair lived together at the time. Monroe, also known as “Norma Jean”, was a former foster child. According to the Los Angeles Times, Dougherty stated that her foster parents wanted to return to West Virginia and couldn’t take Norma Jean in a 1990 interview. “She would have returned to an orphanage, or another foster home. So her foster mother suggested that I marry her. He later stated that although the original reason for their marriage was practical.

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The couple took photographs of their low-key wedding day. They show a brunette Monroe wearing a modest, sweet and traditional style of girl-next door wedding dress. A bouquet of white roses is held in her hands. The couple spent their honeymoon at a Ventura County lake, then moved into Sherman Oaks to live in a studio apartment. Dougherty shared with the UPI that the couple led a peaceful, idyllic lifestyle there. He reflected on their love decades later, in 1990. “I felt like the luckiest man in the world. It was like going on a year-long honeymoon.

Marilyn Monroe’s Second Wedding Look

  • Date of wedding: January 14, 1954
  • Marriage to: Joe DiMaggio
  • Style: A modest dark brown suit with white fur collar.

Marilyn Monroe, then a certified blonde, went Hollywood chic in her choice of attire for her second wedding. For her civil ceremony to Joe DiMaggio, she wore a dark brown suit and a white fur collar. Two years ago, DiMaggio had asked the model-turned-actress out on an intimate date. Their romance caused a media frenzy, especially considering their star power. However, the public was shocked at the couple’s choice for a wedding. They chose to elope instead of having a big celebrity wedding.

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Marilyn Monroe’s Third Wedding Dress

  • Date of wedding: June 29, 1956 and July 1, 1956
  • Marriage to: Arthur Miller
  • Style: A tea-length wedding gown with an empire waist.

Monroe’s third look was very close to a glamorous wedding gown. In 1956, Monroe married Arthur Miller. Once, she was united in a civil ceremony attended by two witnesses. The second time, the couple were united in intimate 25-person ceremonies at Kay Brown’s Westchester home.

The empire waist of her dress had a ruched bust, and the hemline just reached her calves. The Norman Norell gown was a perfect Monroe style: sweet and sexy, a timeless classic. Her look was completed with a chin-length veil, and a pillbox cap. Miller’s Jewish heritage was honored by the nuptials.

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Miller was still married when the movie star met the playwright. After a brief affair, Miller split with Mary Slattery, his first wife. After Miller’s divorce was finalized and everything seemed perfect, Monroe and Miller were finally married. Three days after their wedding, Monroe was presented with a ring by the playwright inscribed “A-to-M, June 1956”. “Now is forever.” (He borrowed a ring from his mom for the ceremony.