How to Dress for a Beach Wedding

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By RichardLederman

More people are choosing to have beach weddings than ever before. Destination weddings are more casual and romantic than a traditional church wedding. The bride and her female guests don’t need to carry a lot of weight. What should you wear to a beach-side wedding? Here are some tips to help you choose the right bridal gown as well as the perfect beach wedding dress for your female guests.

Tips for Bridal Showers

  1. Pick a simple style dress. There are more beach-friendly dresses in bridal shops. Lightweight fabrics such as silk, georgette and polyester will allow your gown to move with the elements.
  2. Find out the temperature at your location. Find out the temperature on your wedding day. The beach can become cold at sunset. You should bring a wrap or shawl in case it gets cold.
  3. You should ensure that your shoes are comfortable. Avoid stilettos, as they can make it difficult to walk on the sand. When choosing shoes for your beach wedding, comfort is key. Local bridal shops have many beautiful and comfortable flip-flops for brides. Choose your favourite. Walking barefoot is another option if the sand temperature isn’t too hot.
  4. A professional hairstylist is recommended. Pro’s are needed to create a style that suits the beach conditions for an outdoor wedding. A natural hairstyle is best as it suits the wedding theme. To add a tropical touch to your look, you can style your hair in an updo with tropical flowers.
  5. Adorn yourself. A wedding veil should be overshadowed with fresh flowers for a beach wedding.
  6. Ideas from the seaside. Instead of carrying a bouquet, you might consider wearing a seashell necklace. A bunch of tropical flowers is the best choice if you insist on carrying flowers.
  7. Flip-flops are a great option to make your guests feel comfortable.

Tips for female guests:

  1. Choose a light dress. Whatever you pick, don’t forget that the wind can blow your clothes. Lighter dresses will make you feel cooler at a seaside wedding.
  2. Bold and bright colors are not to be avoided. Weddings are playful and romantic. Everyone wants to feel relaxed and joyful at a destination wedding. This feeling is best matched by bold and bright colors. For a beach wedding, you can match dark colors with bright accessories.
  3. The tropical hairstyle. Your hair should be loose and natural. You can also use a tropical hairpin to prevent your hair from getting in the way of your face.
  4. Select the right footwear Flip-flops are sometimes available at weddings. You can wear flat shoes if you don’t have high heels.
  5. Make a shawl. You can keep warm at the beach by wearing a flowing shawl.