Eco-Friendly Weddings & Trends

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By RichardLederman

It’s always an honor to work with brides and grooms who are willing to break from the norm and create something completely unique for their wedding day. It’s even more enjoyable when their individuality helps the environment and raises awareness about eco-friendly weddings.

I was asked earlier this year to design an eco-friendly ceremony for Days of Our Lives, NBC’s daytime drama. (Sami and Lucas’ “green”) wedding. I used local, sustainable flowers such as California roses and potted flowering plant. Locally grown flowers reduces pollution and pesticides. The ceremony used potted plants that were not intended to be eco-friendly. They were moved to the reception hall and planted immediately. This is eco-friendly and cost-effective, and it’s possible to do it yourself.

Days of Our Lives’ “Green” episode aired April 2007. The wedding featured everything from pesticide-free flowers and biodegradable favors. Days of Our Lives also included the “green” theme in Samantha “Sami”, Brady (Alison Sweney), and Lucas Roberts (Bryan Dattilo).

This trend of “eco-friendly” is good and I’m happy to be a part of it. It helps to raise awareness of the planet. These are some eco-friendly wedding ideas you can include in your special day.

SS Use locally grown flowers to reduce pollution and pesticides that growers use to keep the flowers fresh.

SS Rent glass vases from your local florist. They can be returned later and recycled, which is more economical than buying.

SS You can also use fake rose petals instead of real ones to sprinkle the aisle. They won’t stain the carpet.