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By RichardLederman

Bidding Farewell To the “Bride’s Side” and “Groom’s Side”.

The modern bride and groom have many options for making their wedding memorable. There are many options for how to make your guests feel welcome and free to have fun.

The tradition of a wedding is that the bride’s family will sit on the bride side of the ceremony, and the groom’s will be seated on his side. However, life has changed and many of the guests are close to the groom and bride. There is no reason to make these guests choose sides. Everyone is there to celebrate the union of two very special people. Open seating is the newest trend in wedding ceremonies.

It is possible that the groom’s hometown may not be nearby and that fewer people are available for this special occasion. The groom shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about how many people are seated on his side for the ceremony. However, the happy couple should be able to see those seated in the back row on the bride’s side. Allow your guests to choose their own seats.

If you want to let your friends and loved ones mingle, arrange seats at the reception. While you and your husband are enjoying a new trend in weddings, a private dinner at your “sweetheart’s” table is a great idea! In a forthcoming article, we’ll discuss this trend more!

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