Wedding For Dog Lovers

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By RichardLederman

Some people are as attached to their pets as they are to the man they will marry. Consider including your four-legged friend on the most important day of your life. These are the top weddings for dog lovers.

Do you want your dog to be a part of your wedding ceremony? This should be taken into consideration when choosing a venue. Few churches allow dogs to visit their facilities, except for service animals. This is true for many indoor venues as well. However, there are some major hotels that allow pets to stay in their ballrooms. It is possible to include your dog in an outdoor wedding if you are willing.

After you’ve found a suitable place for Fido, prepare him/her for the big day. In the days leading up to the wedding, a fresh bath is a must. You might also consider adding an ornament to your dog’s collar for the big day. Your dog’s personality and the style of your wedding will determine the right choice.

A crystal collar that matches the bride’s crystal wedding jewelry is a great choice for small dogs. You can dress your dog up in a leather collar with your wedding colors if he is not interested in crystal bridal jewelry for dogs. If your dog is the type to wear fancy clothes or sweaters, you can let him. Please, no wedding dresses for anyone but the bride!

You love your pet and want to make sure that he or she is comfortable in large crowds. You might limit your role to walking down the aisle with your dog, and then returning home for the reception. (You can always bring a bag for him afterwards). If your dog is a playful Labrador or a calm Golden Retriever, you can let him stay and enjoy all the festivities. To ensure that your dog is not tempted to eat the wedding cake, it is important to name someone to be his handler.

If your dog is unable to join you for your wedding, consider including him in the festivities. It’s a great idea to make a groom’s cake that looks just like his pet. This is a great surprise for the bride. You can also have custom stamps printed with a photo of your pet friend. These stamps can be ordered in sufficient quantities to allow you to use them for everyday correspondence.

Your dog doesn’t have to go on your honeymoon. Do not assume that your honeymoon will be a one-way trip with your dog. Instead, explore your options for canine-friendly hotels. You don’t have to believe that only motels will accept dogs. There are many fine hotels like Westins and Hyatts that will let you take your dog on vacation. Small dogs are more easily transported and can be taken on board planes. Be aware of what your dog might do when you’re out exploring the city or swimming in the ocean. You will find many pet-friendly hotels that offer daycare or spa services so your dog can have a great time. This is great news for dog-loving newlyweds!