Wedding photography top ideas

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By RichardLederman

You can do it the other direction

You might like to include some unique photos in your gallery of wedding photography. You can simply swap the groom’s friends for the bride’s. It’s possible to take photos of men looking at the bride’s gown or performing cosmetic procedures together.

Action Photos

It’s a popular choice for wedding photos. It is a fun and hilarious way to have everyone laugh.

Near Lighthouse

Make an incredible photo composition by using antique buildings

Favorite Profession

These couple photos look great against the background of police cars and fire engines.

The Sunny Day Waves

A fun and memorable photo idea is to sail away and hide on a fastboat. Amazing compositions can be created by using water splashes as well as the rule of threes.

Smoke Bombs

If you use a color bomb, you will get bright photos. It will look sophisticated in terms clothes, and bold due to the harsh colors and what you are doing. Be careful not to ruin the wedding gown.

Follow Me

If you have a beautiful background and textured background, repeat this step. Play with your veil and wedding dress.

Star Wars Fan

If you’re a big fan of the movie, you can rent or buy a Rebel Alliance Costume and take creative photos with your friends. Accessory items can be used to recreate any film or moment.

Background Firework

The end of most wedding celebrations is marked by massive fireworks. An unforgettable photo is one that shows the couple kissing in a sea of bright colors.

Mysterious Silhouette

Even bad weather won’t stop you from taking great wedding pictures. A puddle can be used to take mysterious shots. It will reflect only the reflections of the bride and groom’s shoes.

Become Superheroes

Use superhero accessories to create photos if you or your partner love superheroes. These accessories could be gloves, masks or shields that look like heroes’ hands.

Use Masks

You can make your own masks or give them to family and friends.

Instagram Frame

There will be many wedding photos uploaded to this social media network. Be original and use this frame to shoot guests.

Creative Props for Guests

Signs can be used as accessories. These can include words and phrases, original glasses and large mustaches.

Just Married

It’s a great accessory for any couple. Amazing shot of the wedding day’s end.

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