Outdoor wedding photography ideas

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By RichardLederman

Large window in the background

A beautiful large window makes a great background. Because of the shadows and silhouettes, these photos appear artistic and mystical. These images are honest beyond all expectations.

Flying Bouquet

Your emotions are not only reflected in the moment you throw your bouquet, but the emotions of everyone around you. This is a memorable moment after the ceremony.

Have fun with Bridesmaids

As Charlie’s Angels, imagine that you have bouquets instead. This is a great idea that looks beautiful and funny.

Stylish Cars

You can either sit on the roof, or you can simply lie on your back while secretly kissing.

Children under the Veil

Under your veil, take a group picture with the children. You can cover them with a veil and chat. These are suitable for little girls wearing white dresses.

Under Starry Night

This is a romantic idea for wedding photography, especially if the ceremony is near the ocean or beautiful landscape. For a cozy atmosphere, use fairy lights, lamps, or other light sources.

Little Angels

Ask your photographer to photograph little guests in their beautiful dresses. The collages look great, as shown in the photo above. You can also take a similar photo of the boys wearing their elegant suits separately.

Under Bridal Veil

A tender and sincere kiss underneath the veil will make for a romantic shot. These cute wedding photos will amaze viewers with their warmth. It looks amazing even when it’s windy.

Sunset Love

This is one of our most loved wedding photography ideas. You can kiss, hold hands, or simply enjoy the sunset together.

Work with Whether Together

Rain does not have to stop your photo session. You can buy several brightly colored or transparent umbrellas to make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photos.

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