Here are 5 tips to simplify your wedding cake purchase

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By RichardLederman

Here are 5 tips to simplify your wedding cake purchase

Every bride dreams of a beautiful wedding cake that will blow her guests away. But, this kind of wedding cake can be very expensive.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the wedding cake you want. A beautiful and delicious wedding cake doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot.

Some brides like their cake to be completely real. Other brides don’t mind having one real tier and a few fake ones. It can be difficult and expensive to order a wedding cake. However, there are tricks that you can use to save money.


Before you meet with your baker, it is possible to speed up the process by choosing a style of cake. There are many options available these days, such as naked cakes or fondant cakes, stacked cakes or cake tables with multiple cakes. You can narrow down the choices to help you find the right designer for your project and give you options that will best suit your vision.


Inform your designer/baker about the venue you have chosen. Many bakers can take on multiple cakes at the same time. Your location may impact the ability of the baker to accept the job. This allows you to provide a more precise quote. Knowing where the cake will arrive allows us to give an idea of delivery costs. Some bakers charge per mile, others by the complexity, and some venues have agreed to lower delivery rates. Also, it is important to confirm with your venue whether they charge a cutting fee. This will lower the risk of surprises.


This will make it easier to know if you prefer fresh flowers or sugar flowers. Many bakers do not provide fresh flowers. It is a good idea to check with your florist about the cost of additional blooms and whether they will add these flowers to the cake. Fresh flowers are often more cost-friendly than sugar flowers. Real or sugar flowers are usually not included in the price of the cake. Sugar flowers are an art form and require considerable talent and time. You should expect an additional expense. Also, sugar art doesn’t automatically mean that it is completely edible. Non-edible supports are often found in sugar flowers. A reference photo of the flower types that you are interested in will help the cake designer give you an accurate estimate. The average cost of sugar flowers is $150-200+. The quantity and type sugar flowers can have a significant impact on the cost of your order.


It will be easier to move the process along if you have a budget in place. Your cake designer can show you designs according to your budget. Some bakers will price a cake based on how many cakes they are making. Others will use a base price for the cake and adjust it as needed.

The details that can add complexity to the cake include monograms and intricate piping. Sugar flowers, painted cakes, cake toppers, cake lace, and sugar flowers. You may also need to consider the cost of specialty cake flavors. The budget will help you focus your cake on what is most important to you. Decide if you want to rent a stand or place the cake on the table. While some venues offer cake stands at no cost, others have them available for rent. Many bakers also provide these stands.


Consider the flavor combinations before you go. Bakers may allow you to select flavors for your consultation. Other bakers might only have the most well-known flavors. They may charge additional for specialty flavors. You should keep in mind that not all bakers offer complimentary cake tasting. Do not be afraid to experiment with other flavors than the standard white vanilla. Many bakers allow you to select more than one flavor. Mix and match is possible. Have fun. A cake must taste as good and delicious as it looks.