27 Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

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By RichardLederman

27 Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

You want to incorporate the beauty of autumn into your autumn wedding cake? The perfect place to add a little seasonal flair to your reception is at the dessert table. Fall is a great time to get some inspiration for your wedding cake design. It also has the most delicious wedding cake flavors, especially if you like rich, savory combinations. It’s time for you to begin thinking about what you want. These autumn wedding cake designs will help you to choose the right one.

Fall Wedding Cake Flavors

Unique flavors are a great way to make sure your guests remember and love your wedding cake. Taste and smell play the biggest role in creating memorable dining experiences. You can delight your guests with fall-inspired flavors such as pumpkin spice and cream cheese cakes, maple icing glazes or spiced apples.

You can also choose a traditional dessert like vanilla or chocolate cake if you are a fan of classic desserts. You can have your cake decorated with fall-inspired designs or fall fruits, or you can make a special autumn-inspired dessert like cupcakes or pie.

Rustic Fall Wedding Cakes

Cowhide-Inspired Wedding Cake

Although it might seem like a strange source of inspiration, the brown and white tones in cowhide are the perfect base for rustic confections. The modern design features cowhide-painted fondant layers accented with fresh flowers. ).

Chocolate Naked Wedding Cake

This cake was decorated with buttercream filling. The dark chocolate background makes the fall flowers, such as dahlias and roses, amaranthus, greenery, pop even more.

Two-tier Wedding Cake with Apple Slices

You can decorate your cake with fresh fruit, but you can also change the toppings according to the season. You can use caramel drizzle glaze and sliced red apples for a fall-themed wedding cake.

Dark Green Wedding Cake

Hunter green is a popular color for country and rustic weddings. But, it’s not often that you see a green cake. This is a great example of how it can be done. Keep the other embellishments minimal to not overpower the bold color.

Faux Bois Wedding Cake

Do you want rustic elegance? This cake’s bottom tier is decorated with a wood-inspired design, which adds a touch of country to a classic design.

Terracotta Orange Wedding Cake

With a terracotta color, give your rustic fall wedding cake an old-fashioned Western look. Modern and trendy are the elongated tiers featuring deckled edges.

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Feathers can add an interesting finishing touch to your cake. However, if you prefer a more romantic look, consider replacing the brown quail and pheasant feathers with white ostrich feathers (you can also find artificial options online). These feathers can be used to add texture to an all-white design.

Buttercream Wedding Cake with Moody Florals

A simple fall wedding cake can be topped off with flowers in a seasonal palette like mauve, burgundy and green. The cascading design will allow you to arrange them along the sides of the cake.

Rustic Wedding Cake Hand-Painted

This chic rustic fall cake was inspired by the Carolinas. It featured dried wheat stalks, pheasant wings, and hand-painted bird motifs.

White Wedding Cake with Dried Flowers

Dry accents such as the bunny tailgrass and orange leaves on this cake are rustic and autumnal. These accents can be used to highlight the middle tier of a buttercream-based cake.

Simple Fall Wedding Cakes

Buttercream Wedding Cake with Fresh Produce

Do you want to get married in a winery or vineyard? It’s easy to add grapes to your wedding cake. If you are getting married in a local orchard, you can also use seasonal fruits such as pears and apples.

Drip Icing on Chocolate Wedding Cake

For a stylish, simple look, finish a small two-tier cake using chocolate drip icing.

Minimalist white fondant cake

The minimalistic, yet elegant fall wedding cake is simple but not boring. The white fondant is a smooth base for the burnt orange and blush flowers. The taper candles and soft pink cake stands add subtle color hints.

One-tier Wedding Cake with Roses

This one-tier cake, which is perfect for microweddings or elopements, features roses, alstroemeria, and baby’s-breath in a variety of fall-themed corals and blush tones.

Olive Branch Wedding Cake

It’s easy to add greenery to your cake without having to make elaborate designs or use elaborate decorations. White buttercream frosting can be dressed up quickly with fresh olive branches. You also have the option of adding a real or sugar flower.

Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake

You don’t have to use flowers or greenery on your fall wedding cake. Instead, try edible garnishes. This one-tier confection is decorated with a chocolate ganache glaze.

Simple One-Tier Buttercream Cake

If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere or have a low-key reception, it’s a good idea to leave the buttercream in its original texture and imperfections.

Rose Gold Details on a White Wedding Cake

You can also add color to simple fall cakes with edible foils. They come in gold, silver, and rose gold.

Elegant Fall Wedding Cakes

Fall Leaves and Roses Wedding Cake

It’s magical to see the leaves change colors each year. This cake is an example of how autumn foliage can be used to inspire your dessert table. This three-tier buttercream cake features dark red leaves and mauve garden roses to create a romantic, dreamy look.

Four-tier Wedding Cake with Painted Leaves

Painted leaves can be used to add seasonal flair to your cakes. You can even customize them to match your fall colors. With gilded leaves, miniature fruits and elegant fondant cakes, this cake feels elegant and luxurious.

A Brushstroke-Inspired Wedding Cake

Add “brushstrokes” to the front of your wedding cake to make it stand out. This is achieved by applying chocolate sauce to wax paper with a paintbrush and then freezing it so that it hardens into 3D shapes.

Buttercream and greenery wedding cake

For an elegant, rustic look, wrap a single leafy vine around each cake tier. Then, use a mirrored tray to display the cake at the wedding.

Three-tiered Wedding Cake with Blackberries

A personalized wedding cake topper is a great way to celebrate if you choose to share a lastname with your partner. For a unique look, place it on the middle of the cake instead of on the top.

Elegant white cake with Swiss Dots

This three-tier cake features tiny Swiss dots in triangular clusters. These dots add texture to the cake in a subtle and sophisticated manner. Spray roses, greenery, and other flowers tie into the background.

Wedding cake in Sculptural Green

This stunning, fall-themed wedding cake looks like an edible sculpture. It is decorated with handmade vines and sugar flowers. This cake looks great atop a luxe table with candles, a lush runner, and lush greenery.

Monogrammed Fondant Wedding Cake

Monograms are timeless and elegant, making them a favorite choice for formal wedding themes. Simple and elegant, a square-shaped cake covered in gold filigrees looks great.

Hand-Piped Flowers Wedding Cake

For a romantic and fall-inspired cake, combine seasonal flowers with hand-piped floral designs. This fondant cake can be used for either a fall or summer wedding, with a palette of burgundy and blush.

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