Tips and Tricks for creating “Fantasy Photography”

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By RichardLederman

  1. Photography can be fun. However, it is possible to create fantasy themes photos by breaking out of the box. Fantasy photography is about letting your imagination fly and bringing your creative ideas to life. This is a niche I love and it’s fun. I learn new things from creating magical images. I am excited to share my tips with you and help you make your own magic.

A Frame for Story Fantasy Photography

It doesn’t take much effort to create great fantasy photography photos. It is as easy as imagining the final idea, and then finding a location to represent the fictional world. Inspiration ideas come from Pinterest, Instagram, music lyrics and inspiration photos. I then write them down on a notepad. These ideas help me to visualize the process of what I want to shoot, where I will be shooting, and how I intend to do it.

The first place we visited was a stunning waterfall. Because of its low lighting, this location created a mysterious and magical atmosphere. The location provided soft, stunning natural lighting which allowed me to light my model. Not everyone has the necessary equipment so it was important.

The waterfall view was breathtaking. Shooting with the RF 70 to 200mm f2.8 IS USM allowed us to capture our shots from a great distance. This allowed me to be creative, allowing me to focus on the model at longer distances and cropping out distracting elements. It also helped me tell the story through the photos.

Composition and Framing

It is important to see the world from a different perspective in order to tell a better story, no matter if it is a wide-angle, low or high angle shot.

Because I was mostly focusing on portraits, I wanted stronger composition. Zooming in closer to my model and placing her in the middle of the frame created a stronger and more intimate feeling in the image. The background was less distracting, and the focus was on the model’s dress. The RF 70 to 200mm f2.8 IS USM was ideal for creating the dream shots at the waterfall. My model had plenty of space to move and the focal length allowed for zoomed and wide shots. This made it possible to capture the entire scenic view.

Wardrobe/Props Fantasy Photography

When shooting fantasy photography, it is crucial to coordinate a wide range of clothing and props. It can help to highlight and transform an ordinary location into something extraordinary. Anything that enhances the portrait you are creating can be used as a prop. You can use whatever you like and however you want.