Here are 8 essential tips to help you shop for your first wedding dress

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Here are 8 essential tips to help you shop for your first wedding dress

Congratulations! You said yes to your sweetheart. You have the ring. Now it is time to search for your dream dress. Take a look at our Style Quiz for a quick start! We may be biased but we believe that gown shopping should be the most exciting step in your wedding planning process. Although the first appointment can seem intimidating, don’t be afraid! We’ve put together our top tips to make your first appointment stress-free and easy. Continue reading!

How to Shop for a Wedding Dress: Research before you go to your Bridal Appointment

We get it. It can be overwhelming to choose from so many bridal gown choices. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your wedding dress shopping. To find the right style for you, take our quiz on wedding dresses. You can also browse our post on choosing the right silhouette for you.

Next, visit our Find Your Style page for wedding dresses. You can filter the page by price, style and silhouette. You can still find help if you are still confused (that’s completely normal, though!) Take a look at our top trends for 2022 to get some ideas. This will help you save a lot of time and help you find the perfect wedding dress.

How to prepare for wedding dress shopping: Take a look at the look you want for your big day

Even though you may feel lost, it is helpful to have a general idea about your style before you begin trying on wedding gowns. You don’t have to know exactly what style you want. It’s enough to know what “the vibe” is.

This is also something to consider if you want to be soft, sexy or unique on your wedding day. You can narrow down your style (or combine these three elements) and help your stylist to create your dream dress. Keep your eyes open, because you never know what may catch your attention.

How to Wear a Wedding Dress Shopping: Make sure You Have the Right Undergarments

Proper-fitting undergarments are the key to a perfectly fitting wedding dress. Wear the correct type of undergarments to get the best fit. (Need help? (Need help? Take a look at our guide to bridal undergarments!

Take a note: Make sure you bring a bra and any other shapewear when shopping for your wedding gown. You can rock backless styles with the bra, while the bra and shapewear will hold everything in place. For the best results, wear something that is close to your skin tone.

Make sure you have the right height shoes

You don’t know what shoes to wear when you go shopping for wedding dresses? Don’t forget the shoes when trying on wedding dresses! No matter if you’re wearing heels or flats on your wedding day, ensure you have the right shoes!

It doesn’t matter if you have the exact same pair of shoes as your bride. Similar ones can help you decide the length of your wedding dress. It will help you visualize your wedding day.

A sneaky tip from a professional. If you aren’t sure what to wear or haven’t been able get a pair of shoes, you can try mimicking your heel height by wearing the dress with your tiptoes.

Try on Wedding Dresses: Bring Your Hair and Makeup!

Are you able to shop for your wedding dress without feeling like a bride? Do your hair and make-up! Do your hair and make-up in a style that is similar to the one you envision for your wedding.

You’ll be able to see how you will look on the big day in the wedding gowns you have tried. This will help your stylist choose the right accessories for your wedding gown. It will also make it easier to envision yourself wearing the gown on your wedding day, if you feel and look “wedding-day-ready”.

How to make the shopping experience for wedding dresses special for the bride: Entourage tips

  • We all have seen the movie “Say Yes to The Dress”, so we know how stressful an entourage can make things. Here are some tips to make the day fun for the bride when she is shopping for her wedding dress. We recommend that you keep your bridal party small for the bridal appointment.
  • Your bridesmaids, inlaws, many family members and other friends may offer lots love and support but they will also offer their opinions.
  • We recommend that you bring a smaller group of friends and family to help with wedding dress shopping. Let’s say it is three or four. You’ll be less stressed and able to choose the dress that suits you best.
  • Remember, the most important thing about dress shopping for a bride is to feel beautiful. Let’s not talk about weight or wedding colors. Please leave comments about weight, wedding colors, etc. at the door.

Questions to Ask Your Stylist

Trusting your stylist is the best piece of advice for how to shop for a bridal dress. We understand that it can be daunting, so we have some questions for you to ask:

  • What is the average number of dresses you can try on?
  • What is the time frame for making changes?
  • What is the average cost of alterations?
  • What can I do to personalize my dress
  • How do I bustle?
  • What will the gown look like on my wedding?
  • How can I store this until my wedding?
  • How to Shop for a Wedding Dress: Don’t be afraid to say yes to the first dress!

This may sound cheesy but it’s true. You can’t foresee a moment as beautiful as when you find your dream dress. You might not be wearing this gown for the first time, but it could be your last. Keep your eyes open to all possibilities and say yes to the possibility of finding the perfect one.

We wish you all the best! Relax and remember, this is an important day that will make your wedding day special. Good luck!

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