8 Tips to Help You Shop for Your First Wedding Dress

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8 Tips to Help You Shop for Your First Wedding Dress

Congratulations! You have said “yes” to the one you love, and now it’s time to find the perfect dress. Take a look at our Style Quiz to get an idea of what we mean; though we may be biased, gown shopping should be one of the most exciting parts of planning your dream wedding. It may feel intimidating making that First Wedding Dress appointment, but don’t fret; our top tips will make shopping for your dress stress-free and enjoyable – keep scrolling!

Tips for Shopping for a Wedding Dress: Do your research before setting an appointment to look.

We understand the overwhelming array of bridal gowns out there. This guide is here to help you prepare for the daunting process of wedding dress shopping. Take our quiz and determine which style of dress best fits you, or read up on our post for tips on selecting a flattering silhouette for every figure type.

Once you find your style, explore our Find Your Style section for wedding dresses. The left sidebar allows you to filter by price, style, silhouette and sleeves. Feeling lost? Take a look at these top trends set for 2022; these can save time at the shop while helping your stylist choose the ideal dress just for you.

How to Prepare for Wedding Dress Shopping: Decide On a Look You Would Enjoy for Your Big Day

Before beginning to shop for your bridal wear, think about what look you would like on your special day. Though you may feel overwhelmed, have an idea of what you want before looking at wedding dresses. It doesn’t need to be as specific as knowing that you want a strapless, A-line or mermaid gown; simply knowing the vibe will do wonders.

If you want to exude softness, sensuality, and quirkiness on your wedding day, these are three elements to consider. Your style can be narrowed down or combined with these factors in order to make your dream dress more affordable while giving your stylist some direction as well. Be open-minded – you never know what might appeal so don’t be afraid to be adventurous!

What to Wear for a Wedding Dress Shopping Trip: The Right Undergarments

Finding the perfect fit when selecting your bridal gown requires not only careful construction but also the appropriate undergarments. (Need help? Check out our guide on the Best Bridal Undergarments!)

Note: Always bring a strapless bra when shopping for your bridal dress. This will enable you to try on backless styles and the shapewear will keep everything in place. Be sure that the bra matches your skin tone for optimal results.

Are you uncertain of the shoe to wear when shopping for your wedding dress? Make sure to take along your shoes when trying on dresses; either flats or heels will do, just make sure they match the height of the shoes you plan to wear on your big day.

No need to settle on the exact pair of wedding shoes when selecting your dress length. By wearing similar shoes, you can get a good idea of the overall aesthetic you want for your big day.

Pro Tip: You can replicate the height of your heels by standing on tiptoes while wearing the dress.

How to shop for wedding dresses while feeling like a real bride? Have your hair and makeup done according to the style you wish for your big day. This way, you’ll know exactly what kind of look will look best on you on your special day.

By doing this, you can get a better idea of how you will look on your wedding day in the dresses that you have selected. Your bridal stylist can assist with selecting accessories to go along with your gown and it will also allow for easy visualization on your big day if it has been “wedding day-ready”.

How to Make Wedding Dress Shopping Extraordinary for the Bride: Entourage Tip

We’ve all seen the movie “Say Yes to the Dress,” and we know how stressful an entourage can be. These tips will make your wedding dress shopping experience enjoyable. When scheduling your bridal appointment, try to keep your bridal party small for maximum intimacy.

Your in-laws, bridesmaids and other family members may offer much love and support; however they also have the capacity to offer their opinions as well.

One of the most essential tips when searching for a wedding dress is to bring only a few people along. That way, you won’t feel pressured to please everyone and can pick what best fits you.

No matter who the bridal entourage reads to, it is essential to remember that brides feel beautiful when shopping for their dress. Let go of any judgmental remarks about weight or wedding colors when the couple steps out the door.

Questions to Ask Your Stylist

As experts on wedding dresses, we can only give the best advice on how to shop and find the ideal one. Trusting your stylist with your search can make all the difference; here are some questions you should ask them:

  • How many dresses typically go through for a look?
  • What timeline will there be for making modifications?
  • What will it cost in general?
  • Can I personalize the dress?
  • How do I bustle it?
  • What’s the best way to wear this dress with my venue?
  • How do I keep it safe until my wedding day?

Shopping for a wedding dress: Don’t be afraid to say yes to the first gown you find!

Though it may sound cliche, you never know when or if a moment like finding your dream gown will arrive. No matter if it’s your first or last gown, remember that being open to possibilities means not being afraid to say “yes” when finding that ideal ensemble.

Congratulations! We hope this list of helpful tips and tricks makes finding your wedding dress an easy, enjoyable process. Take a deep breath, remember this is your day to create memories – good luck!

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