Trending wedding invitation ideas

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By RichardLederman

Weddings today look a little different than they did even a few years ago. With trends like dance-offs, first looks, and bizarre themes, many traditions have gone to the wayside to create truly unique wedding experiences. However, there’s still one traditional trend that hasn’t gone away: the wedding invitation.

According to a global survey from The Knot, 75% of couples in the U.S. still used invitations as the primary method of inviting guests to their weddings. But while the idea of the invitation hasn’t changed, the invitations themselves certainly have. Here are five trending wedding invitation ideas to add some unique flavor to your big day.

DIY with wedding invitation templates

Invitations are definitely a major part of your wedding. They set the entire tone of the party! But there are also plenty of other places you can spend your budget rather than hiring a professional designer. Luckily, the DIY trend is here with the abundance of wedding invitation templates available online.

There are thousands of wedding invitation templates on websites like PosterMyWall, featuring all the latest trends. Browse through the designs, choose one that best fits your wedding’s theme, customize the information with the easy drag-and-drop editor, and you’re ready to hit the print shop.

All invitation templates are professionally designed and guaranteed to wow anyone who opens them. And the best part is that they’re completely free! How’s that for your wedding budget?

Think outside the box — literally

Square wedding invitations have been done. They’ve been the standard for, well… forever! Going into 2024, many couples have decided to break outside the box (literally) and design their wedding invitations in unique shapes.

You can easily just choose another shape, like circular or triangular invitations. But it’s becoming more and more popular to not have flat invitations at all. For example, if you’re having a beach wedding, send your invitation as a message in a bottle. Get an empty bottle, put you and your fiancé’s names on the front, and roll up the invitation inside. Add some seashells or sand for some extra pizazz, and you’re ready to send!

Quirky squiggles

Typically, wedding invitations are designed to showcase the class and formality of the wedding. With their off-white textured paper and script lettering, it almost feels like you’re getting invited to a royal ball. One of the latest trends in wedding invitation design goes in the complete opposite direction of tradition and uses quirky squiggles that almost look handwritten to create a more creative and informal feel.

This wedding invitation trend is a lot of fun to create. The couple can sit down with a box of markers and pretend like they’re back in grade school. Write the invitation using a fun script, use plenty of different colors, give it a funky squiggly border, and maybe even draw a few pictures.

Then stick the invitations through a copier to create a base template, add the personalized invitation information for each guest, and you’re ready to send your unique and super-fun wedding invitations!

Make an invitation video

This is the digital age, and paper is so last century! One of the newest trends is to ditch the paper invitations completely for a wedding invitation video.

There are many different ways you can do a wedding invitation video. You can reenact your and your fiancé’s meeting, give a fun overview of your relationship, or create a cinematic teaser to get everyone excited about the big day.

You can then either send the video directly to invited guests via email or create a wedding website, upload the video, and send paper invitations with a QR code or link — mixing paper and digital invites for the best of both worlds!

Go eco-friendly with your invitations

Being environmentally conscious is more than just a trend in 2024. It’s a way of life! And ways of life don’t get put on pause just because there’s a wedding coming up.

To stay friendly to the environment and help save the planet, many couples are going for eco-friendly wedding invitations made from sustainable materials. Most of the materials include forms of recycled paper, but you can also create unique invitations on other sustainable materials like stone or even flowers.

Not only do these sustainable materials help save the planet, but they also look amazing! Recycled papers can have all sorts of textures and colors, giving your wedding invitations a unique look that’s full of personality.

Start your wedding on the right foot with amazing invitations

Your invitations are the first glimpse for guests about how amazing your wedding is going to be. Don’t let them down with plain invitations. Go big with the latest wedding invitations trends, like using wedding invitation templates, changing up the shapes, adding some quirky squiggles, creating an invitation video, or using eco-friendly materials. But no matter how you decide to announce your wedding, it’s definitely going to be a day to remember!