These are the 20 Best Diamond “Tennis Bracelets”

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By RichardLederman

It was hard to imagine a bracelet other than a tennis bracelets when a mention of a diamond bracelet first occurred. Although the iconic style is connected to tennis, it was first introduced on the jewelry market in 1920s. It was initially known as a bracelet with diamond lines before being given its tennis title. Yuvi Alpert (founder of Noemie jewelry) says that the bracelet’s current name was “created after Chris Evert, a women’s tennis champion,” lost a similar bracelet on the 1987 US Open court.

With more sustainable diamonds now available, the tennis bracelet has been given an eco-conscious upgrade using lab-grown Cubic Zirconia diamonds. It’s a great addition to any wedding ensemble, thanks to its simple but striking design.

Check out our carefully curated selection of the finest lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets for your wedding.

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Most Classic: Clean Origin Classic Tennis Bracelets 10 Carat

We recommend this classic design from Clean Origin if you are looking to buy a 10 carat diamond tennis bracelets. This bracelets for men features 43 round-cut diamonds of medium size set in either 14K or yellow gold. It will be a wonderful addition to your wedding day look and one you’ll wear for many years.

Most delicate: VRAI Petite Round Tennis Bracelets

Look no further if you are looking for a smaller version of the classic tennis bracelet. This stunning bracelet features a box clasp with beautiful details and rows of brilliant 1/20 carat diamonds.

Most Modern: Blue Nile Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity line Tennis Bracelet

This boxy, emerald-cut diamond mens bracelets is our favorite. This platinum strand measures 7.5 inches and contains a single row with beautifully embezzled diamonds totaling 11 carats.

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The most timeless: Clean Origin Classic 5 Carat Tennis Bracelets

This 5 carat round diamonds tennis bracelet will impress if you are looking for something traditional and light. This strand of round diamonds is available in either 14K white gold or yellow gold. It exudes timeless elegance.

The Most Unexpected: Blue Nile Graduated Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets have traditionally featured a string of identical-sized stones. A tennis healing bracelets with graduated diamonds, such as this one, is the best option for subtle details. This 7-inch 14K gold strand with round diamonds in 14K white gold is timeless and has subtle details.

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